Monday, August 16, 2010

Orientation Day

Taking the Orientation Day picture with the yard sign placed by the school for all new students.
So today was orientation day. Nothing major really...just a chance to meet the teacher, see the classroom, and deliver school supplies.

Sarah was so excited to go to school today...even if only for a little while. Since it was her first ever day of school we went to her room first. She was so cute walking down the sidewalk then in the hallway to her room. She actually might have had a bit of pep in her step walking...well as much as was possible with all the supplies in her bag.

And Rebecca...the 1st grade got to pick there own seats. This is a big thing considering last year their seats were assigned. I'm sure that there will be some movement taking place as students get themselves in to trouble with their classmates and talking too much.

Tomorrow will be another story all together. I'm not sure how I'll be taking Sarah to school tomorrow. I keep thinking all will be ok since I did this last year. I'm starting to think not so much now though...she's my little Sissy Bear...and she's a big kindergartner now. I know she'll always be my little girl...but it's another one growing up. I'm not ready for this!

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