Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dance Recital

Well, last night was the big dance recital.  Sarah and Rebecca were awesome.  I am happy to report that they walked out on the stage under the spotlights and did a great job.  Part of me wondered whether there would be a bit of stage fright once they got there and saw all the people.  They did their dress rehearsal with a bit of an audience so I am sure that helped some…but definitely not the same as a dark theatre with bright lights shining down on the stage.

They looked so cute with their black leotards and white skirts.  We did their hair up in braided buns (perfect ballerinas) and then put some makeup on them so they weren’t washed out by the lights.  I was so worried that I would make them look older than they should by putting the makeup on them.  I swore I wouldn’t turn them into pageant princesses!  They looked great…they did have on a “full face” though.  Bought them their own mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss and added my powder, blush and eye shadow.  Maybe that’s why they weren’t over done…because all my eye shadows are neutrals.

I think for their recital next spring I might get them some better mascara and eyeliner.  The stuff I got was from Family Dollar…not high quality I would say because it was $4 for 2 sets.  Getting that stuff off last night was a bit of a chore.  I will definitely be watching my Avon sales early next year to see if I can’t get them some quality makeup for a decent price.  Besides, the twist up style of eyeliner goes on much more smoothly than a regular pencil…and we definitely had issues with that.

Glad to say that the night went well though.  It was a little rushed…needed every bit of the 3 hours I took off work.  Picked them up from school at 3, went to BK to grab them some dinner.  Home for dinner and a bit of homework, then dressing, hair and makeup.  Had to be at the theatre for a 5:30 dress rehearsal…got there a little before 5:15.  Rather early than late…one of the 5 girls in the group missed the dress rehearsal all together.

Of course…as it always happens…there was a bit of excitement while we were at the theatre.  Kenny and I went out to the parking lot to put some of our crap in the car…most of the diaper bag, the car seat…stuff we didn’t need taking up space in the theatre.  So anyway, he noticed that one of his tires was FLAT!  Definitely not what we needed to deal with.  Lucky for us…he had the air pump thingy in the trunk…have no clue why…but it was there.  So…he put air in the tire while there.  I don’t remember whether he had to fill it up again before we left…but did again once we got home.  If it isn’t one thing…it’s something else!


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