Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emmy's cackle!

I wish there was a way to post audio here.  Maybe there is...but I don't have any real audio to post.  Just a recorded memo on my cell phone.

This evening, Kenny was playing his little game with Emmy...same thing he did with both Sarah and Rebecca when they were babies.  I was sitting at the dining table with Sarah and Rebecca eating dinner when we heard Emmy start giggling.  It was such a glorious sound.  She has the sweetest little laugh.  Who am I kidding...it's not little at all.  She was laughing her butt off!  It was so cute...reminded me of the laugh that both Sarah and Rebecca had when they were babies.  They still laugh like that sometimes...when you tickle them just the right way!

I grabbed my cell phone because I knew it had the ability to make a recording of her laughing.  It's such a sweet sound.  It will be great to have along with me next week while I am in California.  I'm only going to be gone for a couple days...but I'm sure it will feel like forever.

So back to the laughter.  It started out with Emmy laughing at Kenny's game.  Then, Sarah and Rebecca started to get in on the fun.  They were able to get her laughing too.  I loved watching them make her laugh...and listening to all three of my girls all laughing, giggling and playing.  I hope they stay that way when they get older. 

I'm sure there will be times that Emmy irritates her sisters.  They will be "tweens" when she is their age.  Oh lord....they're actually going to be that age!  Yuck.  I don't even want to think about the fact that Sarah and Rebecca will eventually be 11 and 12 years old.  They're going to want to do whatever it is that girls that age will be doing in 5 years and Emmy's going to want someone to play Barbies with.  The big question will be whether or not Sarah and Rebecca play Barbies with Emmy....I hope so for Emmy's sake.

Dance Recital

Well, last night was the big dance recital.  Sarah and Rebecca were awesome.  I am happy to report that they walked out on the stage under the spotlights and did a great job.  Part of me wondered whether there would be a bit of stage fright once they got there and saw all the people.  They did their dress rehearsal with a bit of an audience so I am sure that helped some…but definitely not the same as a dark theatre with bright lights shining down on the stage.

They looked so cute with their black leotards and white skirts.  We did their hair up in braided buns (perfect ballerinas) and then put some makeup on them so they weren’t washed out by the lights.  I was so worried that I would make them look older than they should by putting the makeup on them.  I swore I wouldn’t turn them into pageant princesses!  They looked great…they did have on a “full face” though.  Bought them their own mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss and added my powder, blush and eye shadow.  Maybe that’s why they weren’t over done…because all my eye shadows are neutrals.

I think for their recital next spring I might get them some better mascara and eyeliner.  The stuff I got was from Family Dollar…not high quality I would say because it was $4 for 2 sets.  Getting that stuff off last night was a bit of a chore.  I will definitely be watching my Avon sales early next year to see if I can’t get them some quality makeup for a decent price.  Besides, the twist up style of eyeliner goes on much more smoothly than a regular pencil…and we definitely had issues with that.

Glad to say that the night went well though.  It was a little rushed…needed every bit of the 3 hours I took off work.  Picked them up from school at 3, went to BK to grab them some dinner.  Home for dinner and a bit of homework, then dressing, hair and makeup.  Had to be at the theatre for a 5:30 dress rehearsal…got there a little before 5:15.  Rather early than late…one of the 5 girls in the group missed the dress rehearsal all together.

Of course…as it always happens…there was a bit of excitement while we were at the theatre.  Kenny and I went out to the parking lot to put some of our crap in the car…most of the diaper bag, the car seat…stuff we didn’t need taking up space in the theatre.  So anyway, he noticed that one of his tires was FLAT!  Definitely not what we needed to deal with.  Lucky for us…he had the air pump thingy in the trunk…have no clue why…but it was there.  So…he put air in the tire while there.  I don’t remember whether he had to fill it up again before we left…but did again once we got home.  If it isn’t one thing…it’s something else!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deal of the century!

Today was a very busy day.  Rebecca had a CYC league soccer game at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta at 10am.  After that game was over, we all came home.  After Rebecca changed out of her dirty, sweaty soccer uniform, I made turkey & cheese sandwiches for her and Sarah.  While they were sitting down to eat lunch, Kenny decided to shock the pool so that it would be clear (it was really green) and ready for the girls to get in later this afternoon.  So...I left to go run a couple errands.  Had to pick up a JPII documentary that I got on Freecycle (awesome concept...if you don't know about it just ask me) as well as run to Target to get some kind of "cooly" thing that we could put around Rebecca's neck later this afternoon because she had a second soccer game at St Rose Philippine Duchesne for their tournament.  I planned on picking up more chlorine and pool shock while I was at target...and get some cash for the concession stand at St Rose.

So, after the freecycle, I hit Target.  Struck out on the "cooly" thing that I was looking for...settled on a clearance rack dish towel.  Also struck out on the chlorine and pool stuff.  They had it clearanced at 30% off...so of course, the shelves were almost empty of any pool chemicals...and totally empty of the stuff for the smaller quick set type.  I did score some shorts for the girls to wear under their jumpers for school.  They wore regular shorts this week...then didn't have shorts to wear...

Ok...getting off topic a bit.  After leaving Target and heading home, I realized that I didn't get any cash back while I was at Target.  So...I decide to hit the ATM on the way home.  I called Kenny and told him I was going to check K-mart real quick since it's right next door to the bank and see if they have any pool chemicals.

When I get to the store, I found the pool chemicals...only $22 for a bottle of shock, bottle of chlorine and a small container of test strips...not a good clearance deal...but a decent price none the less.  Then, decided to check the sporting good department and see if they had the "cooly" thing that I had been looking for.  This is when I came across the clearance shelf!  Lord knows how I love a clearance shelf.  Decided to take a look...never know what you might find on the clearance shelf!

So...on the clearance shelf were two pair of men's rollerblades...sizes 10 & 11.  I couldn't believe the clearance tag on the box, so I grabbed one pair and went to the scanner thingy.  Yep...they scanned at the price on the box.  Called Kenny at home and asked him what size shoe he wore...he says it depends on the shoe...tennis shoes are 10.5...work boots are 11.5...so I decide to grab the size 11 pair.

Off I go to the check out with the $22 pool chemical set, a 1.79 bag of potato chips and the rollerblades.

So here's where the deal of the century part comes in........

The rollerblades rang up for $4.54

That is the God's Honest Truth!  I paid less than 5 dollars for a pair of brand new rollerblades.  I won't repeat what Kenny's thoughts were when he found out how much they cost.  Of course, the look he gave me when I took them out of the car was somewhere along the lines of...

"you always talk about saving money and not buying things that we really don't need yet you'll spend a truckload on a pair of rollerblades....but thanks, I like them a lot!"

So there it is folks...always check the clearance aisle/shelf...you never know what you may find!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2nd Day of School

They just look so cute in their uniforms.
So today was the second day.  You would think that I would survive this day since I didn't have any real issues with dropping the girls off at school yesterday.  Not so...

Everything was going along perfectly fine.  Got the girls dressed in their jumpers including the new mary jane shoes that Granny got for them.  They just looked so cute...I couldn't help but take pictures of them!

Here's Rebecca by herself looking all sorts of grown up...
She just keeps getting older every year.  I know...that's what she's supposed to do...doesn't mean I have to like it.  She actually said on the way home on Tuesday that she wishes she were 17...then she would be a big girl.  Did she somehow hear someone say she was 7 going on 17?  I don't think I've said that...

So...she was fine getting ready today...although she was worried about getting her shoes wet from the grass when I was taking their pictures.  Maybe that was because I told them a few times this morning to be careful while outside at recess to make sure they didn't get their pretty new shoes all torn up and dirty.

Although today was one of the special lunches that could have been ordered (KFC chicken strips) Rebecca didn't want that, so she knew that she would have to take a lunch today.  I asked her what she wanted...expecting her to tell me she wanted either spaghettio's or a grilled cheese sandwich.  I was quite surprised when she informed me that she wanted a turkey sandwich with a slice of cheese and some mayonnaise.  This is a child that to my knowledge had never had mayo before.  Wasn't I surprised to find out that she had eaten this type of sandwich a few times while at Miss Bethany's house with her sisters.  Gotta love Miss Beth...she's helped me to add another lunch option for Rebecca.

Ok...so then there's Sarah...
I really want to know where my baby went!  She looks like such a different little girl since May.  I don't know why.  Is it because she's not the baby anymore...she's now taken on a big sister roll?  I guess that's possible...since she's not the baby, I am now able to see her as a little girl instead.  Don't really know if I like that though...still like her being my baby.  I guess it's just like Mom says...I may not be a baby anymore...but I'll always be her baby girl.

Ok...so back to the story.  Sarah was so excited to put on her uniform this morning.  She didn't really complain too much...of course we did have issues with getting her to eat her breakfast in a timely fashion...although this struggle isn't anything new.  So after breakfast was sort of finished, she got dressed, then I fixed up the hair...then off to brush teeth.  When it was time to go, it was outside for some quick pictures before piling in to the car to head off to another day of school.

In this picture, Sarah doesn't look like a 5 year old...ok, she does...she just looks like an old 5 year old.  I would put her (and her sister too) in to modeling if the whole thing didn't give me the heebie jeebies (is that how it's spelled?).

I have so totally gotten off course here...

Last week at the Kindergarten open house (who knew there was so much to know about sending a kid to school...and why didn't they tell us all this stuff last year too), I had to talk to the principal about how I was supposed to drop the girls off at school.  The school policy is that kids get out of the car on the passenger side at the curb.  This works well for Rebecca as that is her side of the car.  Sarah, however, can't get out that side because there is a baby seat (with a baby in it) in the middle of the back seat.  She would have to climb over Emmy (which would be impossible) in order to get out on the curb side.  It was decided that when I got to the drop off point of the curb, I was to put the car in park, get Sarah out and walk her around the back of the car to the curb.

So, this morning I did just that.  I got her (with her Princess backpack) up on the curb, then got back in the car.  Thought I was doing great at this point.  Was doing good on time...wasn't going to have issues getting to the sitter then to work.  When I looked out the windshield, Sarah turned around, waved and then grinned really big at me...if only I'd had a camera handy.  It was such a great smile.  She was excited...I could see it in her eyes.  That's pretty much the last thing I saw clearly...I basically started crying...almost bawling...right there.

Did I start bawling the first day I took her to Kindergarten when I walked her in to the school and stood with her during the morning prayer and song...nope.  I cried the next day when I let her out of the car and she walked in to the school basically all by herself.  Sarah and Rebecca, my two little girls, walking in to school.

Kenny said that's the reason I cried...because she did it by herself...and wasn't phased by it at all.  I guess he's right...I don't really know.  I just know it took me a little bit to get myself calmed down on my drive to Beth's house to drop Emmy off.

Don't really know where I'm going with this...guess this is just one of those ramblings I warned you about!

1st Official Day of School

PE days are Tuesday & Thursday...this is the gym uniform.
So today was the first official day of school. Sarah started Kindergarten and Rebecca started 1st grade. I actually made myself come back and edit this last sentence...just to put Sarah first. I catch myself putting Rebecca first too much when I mention them...is that because of their birth order?

I did okay today. I got misty when we were in the gym listening to Mrs Kauffmann (the Principal) say the morning prayer. I was thinking about my little girl not being so little anymore. I didn't get a full on cry though. I think part of that has to do with the fact that she was in preschool last year...so she had already taken a fairly big leap with that.

Hearing about Sarah's first day at school had some bittersweet feelings for me though. She said she did good...had a good day. But...with further questions about what all she did...got some info about her experience with recess today.

I'm not quite sure exactly what order things happened...or even really what did happen...or didn't happen for that matter. Basically, she said that none of the girls in her class played with her at recess. She said that she just sat there. It took every bit I had to not cry right there in front of her. Especially when Rebecca admitted that she saw her sister not playing at recess and didn't ask Sarah to play with her and her friends. I think that's what bothered me the most...that her sister didn't go get her. She just left her sitting there...feeling left out.

Later on Sarah said that the other girls were just walking around and she didn't want to...makes more sense...she wanted to play and they didn't...not that they didn't want to play with her. Of course, it still bothers me that her sister wouldn't.

Part of me thinks that Rebecca should have done something...especially since she saw it...and I got the impression that Sarah knew she saw her...and still didn't do anything. I know that I need to talk more about this with Rebecca. I don't think she realized the effect that it had on Sarah...

When I was younger, I wasn't in the "in" crowd...sometimes feel like I had issues making friends. I never really knew for sure how many of my friends were my friends...or friends with me because of my brother. I know now...because they are the friends that I either kept after school...or have since found again since getting on Facebook! (If any of you read this...I'm sure you know who you are.)

Sarah now not only has to deal with not being the oldest but no longer being the youngest either...which may even be worse than being the younger sibling. I don't know as I never was in that position...I just know how it felt to be the younger one and not able to do things as well as the older. Or at least having the perception that I couldn't do things as well.

Sarah decided that she didn't want to play soccer this year (on a team without Rebecca) because she didn't think she would be able to play as well...something I am all too familiar with. We gave in to this...and told the team that she wasn't going to play. I pushed on the dance class though...because I don't want Sarah to limit her activities because of her self perceptions.

I did that kind of crap to myself...and missed a lot of experiences. Something that I truly regret. Could I have gotten really good at playing the piano? Who knows...I gave up. Could I have been good at sports? Don't know...I never tried. I do know that one of these days I'm going to get piano lesson books and try to teach both Sarah and Rebecca (had to edit again...at least I stopped after the first letter) how to play. Maybe if I teach them enough they can take lessons from a real teacher some day.

Of course, I have found things as an adult that I can say I have a leg up on...one of them I found out in the past couple years...and damn near did a happy dance because I found out there was something that I knew how to do that he didn't! (Sorry...but I have to admit that as petty as it may be.)

I just want to save that little girl from the heartache of feeling like she doesn't
measure up. I felt that way...and it sucked big time.

Damn...how did this get to being about me?

So anyway...the girls had a good day at school...and were sufficiently tired by the time they got home...and then were told that they had to go to dance class. It's the last class before the recital next week.

They have a couple weeks off before the next class session starts...and that one will be even better for Sarah...the teacher is breaking the class in to two groups by age...which will separate them.

I am really looking forward to watching Sarah grow more...as hard as it is to watch her grow up. I can't wait to see the sense of accomplishment I will see in her as she shows me what she can do. I just have to make sure she has the opportunity to shine. I have to remove the shadow of the older sibling...because things that sit in shadows don't ever really have that opportunity.

I guess that's all for tonight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Orientation Day

Taking the Orientation Day picture with the yard sign placed by the school for all new students.
So today was orientation day. Nothing major really...just a chance to meet the teacher, see the classroom, and deliver school supplies.

Sarah was so excited to go to school today...even if only for a little while. Since it was her first ever day of school we went to her room first. She was so cute walking down the sidewalk then in the hallway to her room. She actually might have had a bit of pep in her step walking...well as much as was possible with all the supplies in her bag.

And Rebecca...the 1st grade got to pick there own seats. This is a big thing considering last year their seats were assigned. I'm sure that there will be some movement taking place as students get themselves in to trouble with their classmates and talking too much.

Tomorrow will be another story all together. I'm not sure how I'll be taking Sarah to school tomorrow. I keep thinking all will be ok since I did this last year. I'm starting to think not so much now though...she's my little Sissy Bear...and she's a big kindergartner now. I know she'll always be my little girl...but it's another one growing up. I'm not ready for this!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

1st Day of Kindergarten is tomorrow....sort of.

So tomorrow is Sarah's first day of Kindergarten. I can't believe that my 2nd baby is going to school. So bittersweet...glad that she's growing up...but sad that another baby isn't a baby anymore.

All that has to be done tomorrow is going to orientation day for a little while. They get to meet the teacher, see the classroom...probably see their seats in the classroom...and drop off all the school supplies.

I never realized how much I dislike sharpening pencils! Between the two of them...over 50 pencils. At least we have an electric sharpener...I would have hated doing that with a "real" sharpener! Did I actually have to sharpen that many when I was in school? And the school supply list! What's up with that? Clorox wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, kleenex, bandaids, dry erase markers... I can understand the kleenex...I remember taking them when I was in school...but not the rest of it! There's some things that should be covered...I guess I'd be paying for it one way or the other.

Well...I think this is all for tonight. I'll post again tomorrow with Sarah's impression of the orientation day...and of course the day after with the results of Mommy sending her second baby to school!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Some may wonder why I would write a post about college. Those that know me...know that I have been to college...and graduated...a few times! Those same people also know that I am kind of addicted to learning new things. After a brief hiatus...ok so almost 6 years isn't brief...I'm going back to school to take the last 2 classes for my MAFM. If all goes as planned, I should graduate with my Master's of Accounting and Financial Management in December!!!

Well, I was going to just paste the blurb from the school catalog...but Adobe won't let me do it. I guess I'll type the info...just in case anyone cares.

AC 574 - Forensic Accounting: Ethics and the Legal Environment
This course focuses on conducting fraud examinations, and includes discussion of procedures used in forensic accounting examinations and reasons behind using these procedures. In addition, coursework addresses how allegations of fraud should be investigated to meet requirements of civil and/or criminal court procedures. Also covered are detection, investigation and prevention of specific types of fraud. Coursework focuses on preparing students interested in earning the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential, examining criminology and ethics.

Based on all that...it should be pretty interesting. It is an elective after all...might as well take a class that I find really interesting. I could have taken something even more elective...but figured I ought to at least take something remotely related to the rest of my degree.

The other course is the capstone...nothing interesting there really.