Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deal of the century!

Today was a very busy day.  Rebecca had a CYC league soccer game at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta at 10am.  After that game was over, we all came home.  After Rebecca changed out of her dirty, sweaty soccer uniform, I made turkey & cheese sandwiches for her and Sarah.  While they were sitting down to eat lunch, Kenny decided to shock the pool so that it would be clear (it was really green) and ready for the girls to get in later this afternoon.  So...I left to go run a couple errands.  Had to pick up a JPII documentary that I got on Freecycle (awesome concept...if you don't know about it just ask me) as well as run to Target to get some kind of "cooly" thing that we could put around Rebecca's neck later this afternoon because she had a second soccer game at St Rose Philippine Duchesne for their tournament.  I planned on picking up more chlorine and pool shock while I was at target...and get some cash for the concession stand at St Rose.

So, after the freecycle, I hit Target.  Struck out on the "cooly" thing that I was looking for...settled on a clearance rack dish towel.  Also struck out on the chlorine and pool stuff.  They had it clearanced at 30% of course, the shelves were almost empty of any pool chemicals...and totally empty of the stuff for the smaller quick set type.  I did score some shorts for the girls to wear under their jumpers for school.  They wore regular shorts this week...then didn't have shorts to wear...

Ok...getting off topic a bit.  After leaving Target and heading home, I realized that I didn't get any cash back while I was at Target.  So...I decide to hit the ATM on the way home.  I called Kenny and told him I was going to check K-mart real quick since it's right next door to the bank and see if they have any pool chemicals.

When I get to the store, I found the pool chemicals...only $22 for a bottle of shock, bottle of chlorine and a small container of test strips...not a good clearance deal...but a decent price none the less.  Then, decided to check the sporting good department and see if they had the "cooly" thing that I had been looking for.  This is when I came across the clearance shelf!  Lord knows how I love a clearance shelf.  Decided to take a look...never know what you might find on the clearance shelf!

So...on the clearance shelf were two pair of men's rollerblades...sizes 10 & 11.  I couldn't believe the clearance tag on the box, so I grabbed one pair and went to the scanner thingy.  Yep...they scanned at the price on the box.  Called Kenny at home and asked him what size shoe he wore...he says it depends on the shoes are boots are I decide to grab the size 11 pair.

Off I go to the check out with the $22 pool chemical set, a 1.79 bag of potato chips and the rollerblades.

So here's where the deal of the century part comes in........

The rollerblades rang up for $4.54

That is the God's Honest Truth!  I paid less than 5 dollars for a pair of brand new rollerblades.  I won't repeat what Kenny's thoughts were when he found out how much they cost.  Of course, the look he gave me when I took them out of the car was somewhere along the lines of...

"you always talk about saving money and not buying things that we really don't need yet you'll spend a truckload on a pair of rollerblades....but thanks, I like them a lot!"

So there it is folks...always check the clearance aisle/ never know what you may find!

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