Thursday, August 5, 2010


Some may wonder why I would write a post about college. Those that know me...know that I have been to college...and graduated...a few times! Those same people also know that I am kind of addicted to learning new things. After a brief hiatus...ok so almost 6 years isn't brief...I'm going back to school to take the last 2 classes for my MAFM. If all goes as planned, I should graduate with my Master's of Accounting and Financial Management in December!!!

Well, I was going to just paste the blurb from the school catalog...but Adobe won't let me do it. I guess I'll type the info...just in case anyone cares.

AC 574 - Forensic Accounting: Ethics and the Legal Environment
This course focuses on conducting fraud examinations, and includes discussion of procedures used in forensic accounting examinations and reasons behind using these procedures. In addition, coursework addresses how allegations of fraud should be investigated to meet requirements of civil and/or criminal court procedures. Also covered are detection, investigation and prevention of specific types of fraud. Coursework focuses on preparing students interested in earning the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential, examining criminology and ethics.

Based on all should be pretty interesting. It is an elective after all...might as well take a class that I find really interesting. I could have taken something even more elective...but figured I ought to at least take something remotely related to the rest of my degree.

The other course is the capstone...nothing interesting there really.

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