Friday, July 23, 2010

Stinking Sewing Machine! I am trying to sew up the cloth diapers that I originally planned on using for Rebecca & Sarah.

The problem is...for some reason the needle assembly on my sewing machine keeps coming off. I thought at first it was because the needle wasn't strong I went and got denim needles to make sure that the needle could get through all the layers of fabric.

Well, apparently, that isn't the reason it keeps coming off. I wasn't sewing through that much...just a few layers of terry and some super soft flannel...which is just the absorbent part along with the interior layer that will be next to Emmy's butt. By the time I got around the soaker...which isn't a very big rectangle, the needle came off. Put it back on to start sewing the velcro to the outer layer...not one stitch in and the needle was off again. Wash, rinse, and repeat...a couple times...and I have given up for the night.

I am going to Mom's tomorrow to get hers so that I can try and get some of these done. I have all this fabric...quite a bit of it already cut up to start sewing...and I can't get that part done.

I really want to get these finished so I can use them instead of using the disposable ones. Granted...I have quite a few it's not that we need to have them right now. I just want to get them finished. I started this over 5 years ago...really time to finish it!

Hopefully using Mom's good old workhorse machine will get it done. The big test will be whether or not Emmy even likes them. If not...then I'll cut all the stitching out and use them as dust rags or something. Since the stuff was all bought a long time ago...there's no real money today's dollars anyway.

I got one done last week...but it has fleece on the outside...way too thick for her little butt! Kenny says that it looks like a "cavebaby" diaper! I personally think it looks cute...just way too thick. I guess it would work for sleeping in....with a baby gown on since I doubt we've got any onesies out of the storage boxes that would fit over it!

I guess that's all for tonight. Once I get one of them finished I think I'll post some pictures of it...only if it's not a total embarassment!!!