About Me

I decided that I ought to write a little about myself.

I have been married to my best friend (and the love of my life) for 10 years. I knew that he was the one the minute that I saw him. Some people say that love at first site is a load of crap...I'm here to tell you they're wrong. I knew that I was going to marry my husband the night I met him...and we didn't get married until almost 4 years later.

I have 3 daughters and a bonus...my step son. These are four of the greatest kids. My step son is 14 years old, and my daughters are 9 years old, 7 years old, and just 2 1/2 years old.

This is my first attempt at a blog. There were just things on my mind that I felt the need to "get down on paper". This was as good as any other option.

I suppose that's it. The rest of the crap that I could put in an "about me" type of thing is just that...crap. Nobody really cares that I read the Twilight Saga in a week...or that I have no idea how many times I've seen Gone With The Wind...even though I've never read the book all the way through.

So I guess that's it! I'll probably add more to this at some point...once there's more info that is remotely interesting and worth sharing with cyberspace.