Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2nd Day of School

They just look so cute in their uniforms.
So today was the second day.  You would think that I would survive this day since I didn't have any real issues with dropping the girls off at school yesterday.  Not so...

Everything was going along perfectly fine.  Got the girls dressed in their jumpers including the new mary jane shoes that Granny got for them.  They just looked so cute...I couldn't help but take pictures of them!

Here's Rebecca by herself looking all sorts of grown up...
She just keeps getting older every year.  I know...that's what she's supposed to do...doesn't mean I have to like it.  She actually said on the way home on Tuesday that she wishes she were 17...then she would be a big girl.  Did she somehow hear someone say she was 7 going on 17?  I don't think I've said that...

So...she was fine getting ready today...although she was worried about getting her shoes wet from the grass when I was taking their pictures.  Maybe that was because I told them a few times this morning to be careful while outside at recess to make sure they didn't get their pretty new shoes all torn up and dirty.

Although today was one of the special lunches that could have been ordered (KFC chicken strips) Rebecca didn't want that, so she knew that she would have to take a lunch today.  I asked her what she wanted...expecting her to tell me she wanted either spaghettio's or a grilled cheese sandwich.  I was quite surprised when she informed me that she wanted a turkey sandwich with a slice of cheese and some mayonnaise.  This is a child that to my knowledge had never had mayo before.  Wasn't I surprised to find out that she had eaten this type of sandwich a few times while at Miss Bethany's house with her sisters.  Gotta love Miss Beth...she's helped me to add another lunch option for Rebecca. then there's Sarah...
I really want to know where my baby went!  She looks like such a different little girl since May.  I don't know why.  Is it because she's not the baby anymore...she's now taken on a big sister roll?  I guess that's possible...since she's not the baby, I am now able to see her as a little girl instead.  Don't really know if I like that though...still like her being my baby.  I guess it's just like Mom says...I may not be a baby anymore...but I'll always be her baby girl. back to the story.  Sarah was so excited to put on her uniform this morning.  She didn't really complain too much...of course we did have issues with getting her to eat her breakfast in a timely fashion...although this struggle isn't anything new.  So after breakfast was sort of finished, she got dressed, then I fixed up the hair...then off to brush teeth.  When it was time to go, it was outside for some quick pictures before piling in to the car to head off to another day of school.

In this picture, Sarah doesn't look like a 5 year old...ok, she does...she just looks like an old 5 year old.  I would put her (and her sister too) in to modeling if the whole thing didn't give me the heebie jeebies (is that how it's spelled?).

I have so totally gotten off course here...

Last week at the Kindergarten open house (who knew there was so much to know about sending a kid to school...and why didn't they tell us all this stuff last year too), I had to talk to the principal about how I was supposed to drop the girls off at school.  The school policy is that kids get out of the car on the passenger side at the curb.  This works well for Rebecca as that is her side of the car.  Sarah, however, can't get out that side because there is a baby seat (with a baby in it) in the middle of the back seat.  She would have to climb over Emmy (which would be impossible) in order to get out on the curb side.  It was decided that when I got to the drop off point of the curb, I was to put the car in park, get Sarah out and walk her around the back of the car to the curb.

So, this morning I did just that.  I got her (with her Princess backpack) up on the curb, then got back in the car.  Thought I was doing great at this point.  Was doing good on time...wasn't going to have issues getting to the sitter then to work.  When I looked out the windshield, Sarah turned around, waved and then grinned really big at me...if only I'd had a camera handy.  It was such a great smile.  She was excited...I could see it in her eyes.  That's pretty much the last thing I saw clearly...I basically started crying...almost bawling...right there.

Did I start bawling the first day I took her to Kindergarten when I walked her in to the school and stood with her during the morning prayer and song...nope.  I cried the next day when I let her out of the car and she walked in to the school basically all by herself.  Sarah and Rebecca, my two little girls, walking in to school.

Kenny said that's the reason I cried...because she did it by herself...and wasn't phased by it at all.  I guess he's right...I don't really know.  I just know it took me a little bit to get myself calmed down on my drive to Beth's house to drop Emmy off.

Don't really know where I'm going with this...guess this is just one of those ramblings I warned you about!

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