Saturday, September 15, 2012

20 years is a long time!

Today was the beginning of my 20 year high school reunion weekend. It was kicked off with the football game at 7pm. I took Sarah and Rebecca with me to the game...they were excited because they've never seen a live game. It was a pretty good time. Got to see a few friends that I haven't seen in the 20 years since high school as well as a few that I have seen since graduation. I'm guessing I'll have to find a picture of myself from highschool to add here...just so anyone who cares can see what I looked like 20 years ago. I personally don't think I look that much different. I basically have the same hairstyle I did back then...straight and all one length. Use relatively the same colors as far as makeup are concerned. I suppose the only difference would be that I look older...because I am. We've told our girls a couple times that most likely we will move before Rebecca finishes 8th grade. This is because we don't have any way to send them to Trinity (the Catholic high school nearby) and the public school isn't an option as far as we're concerned. Upon seeing my old stomping grounds, they both said that's where they want to go to high school. Of course, this would all be dependent upon finding a big enough house in the area that is within our price range...which will be hard I think. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Of course, the other obstacle is that daddy doesn't want to live in that area. He'd rather be somewhere closer to the country...which is a lot further from the grandparents and jobs as well.

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